Modular Wheelchair Ramps: What You Need to Know

Often, access challenges can be met with singular disability ramps or curb and threshold systems. However, larger or more complex premises may benefit from modular wheelchair ramps. These versatile access solutions are custom built and are adapted to meet the demands of your building or facility.


Why Use a Modular System?

A modular system is ideal if you need flexibility. Modular components can navigate all kinds of floor space, including large areas, difficult angles and obstructions. With the addition of platforms, modular wheelchair ramps ensure you have safe landing points with sufficient flat levels for entry and exit.

Modular systems are strong and durable and work well for permanent solutions. Their adaptability allows you to make changes to your system should your needs evolve. In addition, modular systems have straightforward set up and take down procedures. This also makes them suitable for temporary installations, such as those needed for events. The components can be disassembled and stored as needed.


Understanding Your Requirements

Understanding your situation, needs and limitations is key to a modular ramp project: each system is made to measure. We’ll consider sizing as well as load capacity, ground type and surface requirements.


The RAMPCO Modular Ramp Service

The RAMPCO team can take care of your project from start to finish. When required, we’ll conduct a free site survey so our engineers can complete detailed drawings at the design phase. Once your 100% happy with your solution, our expert fitters will install your modular system with minimal interruption to your premises. The end result? A high-quality finish can you rely on use after use.


Call today on +44 (0) 1920 823940 for free advice from one of our ramp specialists or complete a contact form with your requirements and a member of the team will get in touch.