The Importance of Wheelchair Access for Your Business

Making your business accessible means that people with disabilities, such as mobility, vision, or hearing impairments, can still access and participate in your business’s activities. In other words, your business must be equally accessible to a person with a disability as an individual without a disability.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at why organising safe access for wheelchair users is so important and why it’s also good for business.


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Equal Access for a Dynamic Workforce

UK law makes clear that businesses must make reasonable adjustments to allow safe access to all employees. Good business leaders also know that an inclusive workplace is a better workplace. Making sure your business is accessible to all ensures you aren’t putting off a vast talent pool of potential employees.

According to disability charity Scope, disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people. This is often not down to choice, or the nature of the disability, but because of barriers disabled people face in a working environment.

For wheelchair users, it’s important to ensure they can easily and safely enter and exit your premises as well and move around freely within them. Offer disabled parking spaces close to entrances and use disability ramps where needed. Elevators and additional ramps will be required where there are stairs between floors.


Equal Access for Loyal Customers

A recent report by The Papworth Trust highlighted that three-quarters of disabled people have left a shop or business premises because of poor disability awareness or understanding. This shocking statistic highlights that many businesses are not only ignoring the rights of disabled people but are also missing out on the increasingly powerful ‘purple pound’. Predictions suggest that the number of people with disabilities will continue to grow as our population ages. Don't lose this important group of customers to your competitors!

Losing the custom of disabled people will also mean missing an opportunity to spread positive word of mouth messages about your business. If a wheelchair user has a bad experience at your premises, it’s likely they will tell their families, friends and their caregivers about it. A good experience will grow loyal customers and recommendations.


Talk to Ramp Experts

Here at Rampco, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, helping them make their premises accessible to wheelchair users. Our large selection of disability ramps and breadth of experience means we are well suited to find you the best solution for your access challenges.


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