Why Use Ground Protection

Ground protection is a useful tool used across multiple industries, whether it's on construction sites or at engineering projects, event spaces or sports grounds.

Ground protection is crucial to protect sites, equipment and people and keep projects and events running on time without delays caused by unsafe or inaccessible ground.


What Can Happen without Ground Protection?

Heavy machinery, cars or footfall can all cause damage to terrain. Muddy ground makes for difficult working conditions which can slow work down and add to project costs. What's more, safety can also be a concern if surfaces are not grippy enough to stop people or vehicles from slipping. Workers or members of the public can get hurt and machinery can be damaged.


How Does Ground Protection Help?

By displacing vehicle weight, improving grip and preventing sliding, ground protection keeps vulnerable surfaces damage free and safe from wear, tear and erosion. Ground protection also increases safety by preventing vehicles and pedestrians from slipping. In addition, ground protection can make it easier to reduce icy surfaces in the winter months.

Our large ground protection boards are designed for outdoor use and enable cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks and cranes up to 80 tonnes to traverse land without causing significant damage to the ground underneath. Ground protection can be used for access routes and roadways, work platforms, car parks and temporary site traffic solutions.

It is also suitable for pedestrian access thanks to its innovative design offering two anti-slip surfaces. Use the smaller grip side for pedestrian access or the bigger grip side for vehicles.


Installing Ground Protection

Our range is easy to install simple to use thanks to its quick to assemble connectors. On average, it takes just 15 minutes to construct 50 sqm of coverage.  If required, you can also add in speed bumps to your traffic management solution to keep site vehicles at a safe speed. Once your event or job is finished, ground protection is easy to pack away and store for the next job.


Ground Protection KEY FEATURES

  • - 100% recyclable
  • - Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • - Lightweight and versatile
  • - Supports up to 80 tonnes
  • - Wide range of colours, including translucent
  • - Available with or without hand cut outs aid off-loading from vehicles
  • - Inline pattern for easy cleaning
  • - Can be personalised with corporate colour and logo
  • - Can be connected to any other mats on the market
  • - Guaranteed for 10 years


Don’t risk ground damage and accidents, contact us today or speak to one of our experts about your ground protection requirements on:  01920 823940