Custom Ramps for Unique Requirements

Our wide range of ramps can cater for many types of loading situations. Occasionally, however, unusual vehicles, machinery or spaces may require a custom solution.

Custom Ramps are uniquely built to your specifications for custom tasks which standard ramp designs cannot cater for. It could be for a piece of specialist machinery or a non standard sized vehicle. For custom ramp builds, we work closely with customers to make sure you end up with exactly what you need. Our expert team work with you through each step, making the whole process easy and stress free.

One customer who came to us recently with a bespoke ramp requirement was multi-championship winning driver and coach Matt Shawyer. Matt needed a unique solution for loading his historic Austin race cars into transportation vans to get to and from events.

With such an important cargo, Matt needed a ramp system he could rely on time and again and we wanted to ensure we got it right first time for Matt and his team. After the initial consultation, the Rampo team drew up the ramp specs, working closely with Matt to ensure every aspect of the ramp would be fit for purpose. After the last tweaks were made, the final drawing were signed off and sent to the manufacture team.

Matt and his team were thrilled with the results and the ramps are now in action helping to safely transport Matt's prize cars to events across the country.

Do you need a custom ramp solution? Contact our team today on +44 (0) 1920 823940 with your load capacity, bed height and connection type and we’ll do the rest for you. We offer free advice and can also conduct free site surveys and installation when required. All our ramps are fully certified and tested to EU standards.

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