How to Use Plant and Vehicle Ramps Safely

Moving heavy vehicles and plant machinery around site can be challenging. Whether you’re loading vehicles on or off transportation trucks or between multiple working levels, getting to grips with ramp safety is a must.
Here’s our guide to keeping equipment and team members safe with good practice on plant and vehicle ramps.


1) Choose the right ramp for the job

Most often, accidents happen when the wrong ramp is chosen for the job: either too small or with insufficient maximum load. When selecting a ramp, you’ll need to check the loading capacity, loading height and wheel compatibility to make sure it’s suitable for the machinery it’ll be transporting.


2) Check ramp condition

Before loading heavy machinery onto a ramp, check that all parts are in good working order with no breaks, cracks or loose parts. Any defective ramps should be logged and taken out of service until repaired or replaced.


3) Check working conditions and PPE

Be aware that wet weather conditions could make ramps more slippery than usual. You should also check that any team members working around moving vehicles are wearing high vis workwear and that workers boarding the ramps are wearing suitable, high-grip footwear.


4) Choose a safe angle

Ramps that are set with an overly steep angle can be dangerous and increase the likelihood of sliding. Check the loading height range of the ramp you’re using and stay within safe limits. As a gernal rule of thumb,


5) Secure ramp carefully

Don’t forget to check your ramp is attached securely: the safety of the load and the worker depends on it. An unsecured ramp can easily slip or collapse and pose a threat to workers and equipment.


6) Move slowly and securely

Manoeuvring equipment on a ramp is not something you want to rush. Move steadily, making checks as you go. Usually, it’s safer to move forward rather than reversing equipment as it allows drivers to see more clearly. However, when moving uphill, powered wheels should go up the ramp first if the vehicle is either front or rear wheel drive.


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