How to Choose a Vehicle Ramp

As part of our extensive ramp and access range, we stock a selection of heavy-duty vehicle ramps designed to give safe access to vehicles and industrial equipment. These ramps have increased capacity to accommodate heavy loads and come in a range of sizes to fit various types of machinery.

To ensure you choose the right ramp for the job, you need to identify a few key bits of information before ordering.


Load Capacity

To calculate your load capacity, combine the weight of your vehicle and the weight of an operator. Ramps are reinforced to withstand different loads and it’s vital yours can support your machinery safely. Never use a ramp which does not meet your load requirements.

Our vehicle ramp range includes ramps with load capacity up to 50,000kg.


Bed Height

The loading height, also known as bed height, is the vertical distance between the ground and the point that the ramp must reach. This measurement is required to determine your ramp length.

For most ramps, the length required will be 3.5 x the loading height.


Wheel Type and Size

Different tyre types require different ramp surfaces to ensure good grip. Check your tyre type as well as wheel width and select a ramp which can comfortably accommodate them.

Use our online selector to find a ramp suitable for pneumatic tyres, solid wheels and metal tracks or rollers.


End Connection Types

A safe end connection is a crucial part of a vehicle ramp set up. Connections come in different designs to suit a number of situations.


Custom Vehicle Ramps

Our wide range of ramps can cater for most vehicles. Occasionally, unusual vehicles may require a custom solution. Call to speak to our team if you have bespoke requirements.


Contact our team today on +44 (0) 1920 823940 with your load capacity, bed height and connection type and we’ll do the rest for you. We offer free advice and can also conduct free site surveys and installation when required. All our ramps are fully certified and tested to EU standards.