The Ramp Guide

We have put together the below guide to help you better understand the uses for different types of ramps. If you are unsure which ramp you require, check out the information below - if you are still unsure, feel free to call us on:01920 823940

Hobby Ramps

The hobby ramps are the cheaper range of ramps that are perfect for the home, DIY and landscape user who needs to load ride on lawnmowers, wheelbarrows or any small plant. There are two weight options with the ramps, 400kg and 1000kg and they also come straight or curved to suit varying different applications. These ramps are made out of lightweight aluminium making them very easy to handle and have a punched hole surface which gives a very high level of grip even in the wet. They come in a variety of sizes from 1.5m to 3m long giving you a range of ramps suitable for most lightweight applications.

Telescopic, Folding and Ultra-Light ramps

The telescopic ramps are generally used for the healthcare industry for wheelchairs and general access. The folding ramps are used for getting small landscaping equipment onto the back of a pickup truck etc, they come in three different variations, straight, curved and closed pedestrian surface. They can take up to 550kg and go to a maximum length of 3m long making these the longest folding ramps on the market enabling you to get your ride on lawn mower safely onto a recommended bed height of 900mm high. The Ultra-light ramps are the same as the folding ramps but without the ability to fold. They give you extra light, high quality and easy to use ramps which have been certified to a safety margin of 2.1 times the rated load.

Rubber Wheeled and Tracked Ramps

This range of loading ramps are the main focus of our company giving you a wide range of ramps starting from 795kg to 14000kg and from 0.85m – 5m long. These ramps are suitable for loading heavy plant and machinery, cars and lighter weight landscaping gardening machinery. They have two years warranty and have been certified to a safety margin of 2.1 times the rated load. They have been manufactured from extra high grade aircraft aluminium 6082 rather than the lower grade 6005 used by our competitors giving you extra strength more flexibility and lighter ramps. These ramps are known for their quality and ease of use for all applications. They come with a variety of different connections for all applications.

Trailer Ramps

The Rampco trailer ramps have been specifically designed and made to suit most major trailer manufacturers like Ifor-Williams, Indespension etc. The ramps have been tested to 2.1 times the rated load of the ramps which are 2700kg @ a 2m wheelbase for the 2350mm long ramps (8ft approx.) and 3200kg at 2m wheelbase for the 1900mm long ramps (6ft approx.)

Steel Tracked Ramps

Steel tracked ramps have capacities from 2960kg to 28560kg and range from 2m to 5m long. These ramps are for loading steel tracked excavators or solid tyred machinery, since steel is harder than aluminium the ramps are subject to wear, this is why the ramps have a patented removable tread system which consists of beams with dove-tail guides with aluminium inserts that the steel track grips onto giving you the ability to replace the grips when they have worn down. They are also used for solid tyred machinery like genie-lifts or forklift trucks as they have a high crushing point load which means you can’t use the ‘standard Rubber wheeled and tracked ramps’ as the steel tracked machine would crush the ramps.

Infill Ramps and Top deck ramps

These ramps are for the back of step-frame low-loaders making the second deck useful and making sure that you can move the ramps around the right place on the deck. They come in two different types, for steel tracked machines and rubber wheeled or tracked machines.

Fixed and Non Fixed van Ramps

Rampco’s non fixed van ramps are made to a very high quality standard with a 2 year warrantee and the ramps tested to 2.1 times their capacity except for the A75 series. These ramps range from 1.87m to 3.27m long, 600 to 1000mm wide and can take capacities of 550kg to 1000kg on different models. The fixed van ramps are also made to extremely high quality with handles, wheels to help the ramp onto the floor and also gas struts which make it extremely easy to use. The van ramp can be removed from the van just by a handle which then means you can attach it to your other van with the additional installation kit which just fits onto your second van. They are also available with a swivel kit giving you the access into the back of your van without having to remove the ramp or extending it out.